Introducing semi-customizable pre-fabricated orthotics - Bio-Orthotic and DynaFlange® orthotic supports.

The Orthotic Group offers premium, pre-fabricated orthotics engineered to provide biomechanical support and correction with every step. Developed by a team of top experts in the field of foot and ankle biomechanics, the Apex A-Wave, SelectFlex RxTM and DynaFlange® lines offer the most innovative prefabricated orthotic inserts available. Guaranteed to soothe your soles and improve foot health. Only available through a healthcare practitioner.

SelectFlex Rx™ Pre-fabricated Orthotic
Apex A-Wave Flex Pre-fabricated Orthotics
Apex A-Wave Firm Pre-fabricated Orthotics
Apex A-Wave XFirm Pre-fabricated Orthotics

Pre-fabricated Supplies - PPT Pads

Longitudinal Arch Pads
Metatarsal Pads
Cork Heel Lifts