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Our seminars will provide you with the fundamentals needed to practice orthotic therapy successfully in your clinic and offer a comprehensive continuing education learning environment.

Making the Best Orthotics & GaitScan™ Interpretation Seminar
Seminar Overview • Basic guide to analyzing GaitScan™ reports, identifying different foot types & pathologies, and how to correct them • Review various TOG custom orthotic types, with emphasis on which orthotics to order for your patients’ needs and footwear choices • Review of TOG custom orthotic additions & modifications, indications, and contraindications • Cover custom orthotic thickness of plastic (when to use 2mm, 3mm or 3.5mm) and orthotic lengths (full, sulcus or 3/4) • Overview of TOG’s Lab Discretion service
Custom Orthotic Therapy Seminar
Custom Orthotic Therapy seminars provide the opportunity for hands-on practice performing biomechanical exams, GaitScan™ assessments and foam casting. The average practitioner who attends the TOG Custom Orthotic Therapy seminars increases their orthotic orders by five pairs per month, compared to their order history from the previous year. What does that translate into? Superior patient outcomes and a healthy revenue stream for your clinic. By any standards, that is an excellent return on investment! Seminar Outline: • Pronation and supination • How the foot works as a mobile adaptor and rigid lever • Evaluating Foot Structure and Function • Understanding normalcy • Recognizing abnormal foot structure • The most common pathological foot types and their differential diagnosis • Casting for custom orthotics • Review of subtalar joint function • The core foot structural problems • The best shoes for orthotic therapy • Introduction to gait analysis • The basics of TOG GaitScan™ Subtalar joint function, advanced examination procedures and why do feet pronate
Using GaitScan™ & Making the Best Orthotics (PRE-REQUISITE: New to GaitScan™ & Orthotics)

WORKSHOP - Foot Casting Techniques (Markham, ON)

Treating Lower Extremity Injuries with Custom Orthotics Seminar & Casting Techniques Workshop
During this seminar, you will learn the differential diagnosis of the most common injuries and a systematic approach from injury evaluation to foot orthotic design. The lecture will also cover custom foot orthotic solutions for each condition, matching the right orthotic to the right patient and unique foot orthotic designs for specific sport shoes. Demonstrate various foot casting techniques: - Subtalar Neutral Position - Foam Box - Plaster - STS (fiberglass socks) - OHI1Scan - 3D Foot Scanner
Medical Compression Therapy Seminar
During this seminar you will learn about the circulatory system, venous disorders and risk factors that indicate or contraindicate medical compression therapy, how to measure, fit and select an appropriate medical compression garment, and how to integrate medical compression therapy into your practice. LAUNCHING NEW JEBA MEDICAL HOSIERY!

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