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Our webinars will provide you with the fundamentals needed to practice orthotic therapy successfully in your clinic and offer a comprehensive continuing education learning environment.

GaitScan™ Analysis (ONLINE WEBINAR)
This 1 hour webinar is perfect for those who are new to or want a refresher of the basics. You will learn the various elements of a GaitScan™ report and how they correlate with clinical findings; how to identify the three key measurements in a GaitScan™ report and use the data from a GaitScan™ report to write a prescription for custom orthotics.
DynaFlange™ Orthotics (ONLINE WEBINAR)
DynaFlange™: Every Once & Awhile, Innovation Comes Along That Changes Everything... Description You are invited to join Jay Segel, DPM, developer of DynaFlange® for a journey of discovery ... tracking the features, functionality and science behind DynaFlange®. Learn why DynaFlange® is truly "The Greatest Advancement in Orthotics in 60 Years". What We Mean By Feel The Science: • DynaFlange provides up to 7 watts of power per second • DynaFlange can deliver up to 450 joules of elastic energy per minute • DynaFlange has shown a 33-46% decrease in ground reactive forces • DynaFlange improves balance and stability, while increasing performance and efficiency • DynaFlange utilizes “secure fit” technology to keep the orthotic in place and reduce friction Healthcare Professionals Prescribe DynaFlange to Treat the Following Conditions: • Plantar Fasciitis • Heel, Hip, Knee and Lower Back Pain • Apropulsive Gait & Equinus • Ankle Instability • Pronation & Supination LEARN HOW EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM DYNAFLANGE®!
Orthotic Additions and Modifications (ONLINE WEBINAR)
This 1-hour webinar will be conducted by James Canning, Chief Clinical Advisor at The Orthotic Group. James has spent much of the last three decades manufacturing and adjusting orthotics as well as instructing on how to select the perfect orthotic for patients. This webinar is perfect for those who are new to orthotic therapy or want a refresher of the basics. In this webinar you will learn: • When to use each type of addition or modification • How to match the additions and modifications to each type of orthotic • Troubleshooting patient complaints
NeuRemedy® The Polyneuropathy Vitamin - Canadian-Based Practitioners Only (ONLINE WEBINAR)
You have patients suffering from polyneuropathy (often called peripheral neuropathy) due to diabetes, old age and alcoholism. NeuRemedy® can help! NeuRemedy® is a natural health product recently approved by Health Canada as “an important factor in supporting healthy nerve function in individuals with polyneuropathy.” Each NeuRemedy® capsule delivers 150mg of benfotiamine – more than any other product on the market. Benfotiamine is a safe, lipid-soluble B1 derivative that the body readily absorbs and retains. When taken as recommended, greater than 50% of people suffering from polyneuropathy experience significant improvement in their symptoms within a month. Some patients report complete relief!

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