Meet TOG’s Clinical Team
June 2014

TOG's Clinicians

The clinical team at The Orthotic Group is dedicated to providing support and answering critical questions to ensure that patients are investing in the perfect pair of custom orthotics to help improve and maintain an active lifestyle.

James Canning is TOG’s Chief Clinical Advisor and has been part of the TOG team for 25 years. James has held the titles of Lab Technician, Head Lab Technician, Lab Manager and Operations Manager. We are also proud to have Lauren Fisher on our team. Lauren has been with TOG for 7 years and has completed her Bachelor and Masters in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. Last but certainly not least, Lili Zheng has been a committed TOG clinical advisor for 6 years with a Bachelor in Kinesiology and Health Sciences.

James, Lauren and Lili take care of lab discretions, clinical consults and any questions prior to placing an order. The clinical team is here to help!

For all your clinical questions please feel free to contact James, Lauren or Lili at 1.800.551.3008 (option 1 & 3) anytime. You can also check out our selection of custom orthotics and additions and modifications by clicking here.

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