The DynaSense Posture Solution Perfectly Tuned For a Functional Nervous System
July 2013


Your INSiGHT technology just became more valuable! After months of work, including clinical trials and collaborative R and D with another leader in patient analysis, CLA’s Insight scans are now an integral part of a revolutionary new posture assessment program.Posture – The Inside Story

The epidemic of poor posture within our society amounts to a silent but very real health and wellness emergency. From a patient’s head and neck to the soles of their feet, poor posture contributes to the chronic musculoskeletal disorders affecting the majority of children and adults.The daily stresses of sitting for long periods in traffic, slumping at computers or on our smart phones, general inactivity and pervasive emotional overload; all of these and more contribute to excessive muscle tension and poor spinal mobility. The DynaSense Posture Solution revolutionizes the way that posture can be observed and measured. It looks at posture from the inside out and provides a wellness solution from the ground up.


The “Nerve First Approach” and the DynaSense Assessment – GaitScan + surfaceEMG

The relationship between posture and a compromised nervous system has been long understood but virtually impossible to evaluate. Until now. The DynaSense Posture Solution employs a simple, two-step assessment that precisely measures a patient’s stability and spinal muscle tone. This brief assessment captures over 1 million data points that calculate how one’s center of gravity is affecting their posture. At the same time, muscle testing sensors from a surface EMG (electromyograph) are measuring the amount of muscle energy that the patient’s posture is using thus providing a clear picture of how posture is impacting their spine’s alignment and overall muscle tone

DynaFlange – A Perfectly Tuned Solution
dynaflange small

A cutting edge assessment demands a dramatic solution.

Introducing the Dynaflange custom-molded orthotic, the world’s first ‘neurologically tuned’ foot orthotic. Traditional foot orthotics have been providing better balance and correcting foot posture for decades. DynaFlange raises the bar to an entirely new level.

The revolutionary design of the DynaFlange orthotic provides something brand new: elastic energy. Elastic energy rehabilitates a patient’s altered spinal posture with every step they take. In addition, the patented flange is ‘self-leveling’ and thus protects against compressive forces as it generates it’s rejuvenating and propulsive energy.

Since each DynaFlange device is custom molded to match the specific needs of an individual patient, you’ll know with certainty that the DynaFlange orthotics you prescribe will be precisely managing your patients’ needs from the soles of the feet to the top of their head.

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The Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA) comprehensive approach to chiropractic practice is driven by two powerful elements. First is the remarkable technology embodied in their Space-Certified, INSiGHT Subluxation Station. Second is the even more remarkable spirit that drives thousands of leading edge chiropractors around the world who use this exciting technology every day. The unique “INSiGHT” technology and training enables chiropractors to better understand and communicate the function of the nervous system with their patients, so they can act as a coach on the road to living a healthier and more vital lifestyle.

The Orthotic Group (TOG) story is about feet and innovation. The Orthotic Group began in 1985 as a professional services company dedicated to the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. We built relationships based on quality custom orthotics, responsive service and a truly innovative approach to the orthotic business. We provide practitioners all the services and tools necessary to make expert orthotic and footwear decisions.

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