Find out the most common reason for a patient to visit a Foot Health Specialist and how you can help
October 2015

The Heel Pain Solution

Heel Pain (often seen as Plantar Fasciitis) is the most common reason for patients to visit a Foot Health Specialist. Offer your customers an effective total pain relief, while creating a profitable niche for your practice with The Heel Pain Solution. This solution includes the OrthoSleeveTM open-toe compression products and the FootGym TM. The compression products are available in 20-30mmHg medical gradient compression, and are covered by most insurance companies. The foot/leg sleeves relieve symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain and swelling using six zones of compression that lift the arch and reduce stress on the bottom of the foot. The FootGym™ allows the patient to perform numerous stretches, exercises, and foot massages in the comfort of their home.

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