DynaFlange™ - A Perfectly Tuned Solution
June 2014

DynaFlange™ Orthotics

When should you order a DynaFlange™ instead of another TOG orthotic? Chronic heel pain. The elastic energy return from the DynaFlange™ helps to relieve heel pain when a traditional orthotic isn’t quite enough. Subjective clinical data indicates that the DynaFlange™ is excellent for this group of patients. When extra shock absorption is needed. The patented flange on the DynaFlange™ orthotic is perfect for people who need extra shock absorption for comfort, sport or work. Since the DynaFlange™ has the same depth as an extrinsic post, it fits easily into an athletic shoe, lace up work shoe or safety boot. For pain in the knees, hips or low back. Studies have shown that the DynaFlange™ has a positive effect on a person’s center of pressure1, which allows the joints in the closed kinetic chain to move along their “preferred path”2. Compared to a traditional TOG orthotic, the DynaFlange™ custom orthotic is the next generation of therapy that addresses closed kinetic chain conditions from the ground up.

For more information on the DynaFlange™ orthotic please watch this short video.

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