Women's Trouser Socks
Black Khaki Brown Navy
Mild 15-20 mmHG, Moderate 20-30 mmHG
Black, Brown, Khaki, Navy, White
Just added to the Therafirm line for Women, these socks are designed to help energize tired legs and feet, improve circulation and assist in the prevention of swelling. True gradient compression delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote better blood flow. Cool, soft and comfortable the comfort band is non-restrictive while staying in place all day.

Stock Status

SizeColourSupportStatusDescriptionItem #
Large Black 15-20 In Stock 3337
Large Black 20-30 In Stock 3471
Large Brown 15-20 In Stock 3417
Large Brown 20-30 In Stock 3475
Large Khaki 15-20 In Stock 3372
Large Khaki 20-30 In Stock 3483
Large Navy 15-20 Low Stock 3467
Large Navy 20-30 In Stock 3479
Large White 15-20 In Stock 3342
Medium Black 15-20 In Stock 3336
Medium Black 20-30 In Stock 3470
Medium Brown 15-20 Low Stock 3416
Medium Brown 20-30 In Stock 3474
Medium Khaki 15-20 In Stock 3371
Medium Khaki 20-30 In Stock 3482
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