"Not only do they fit correctly, but my chronic feet and knee pains have become only 'once and a while' pains vs non-stop every day pain."
- Barb, Salt Lake City

"(I) would highly recommend others get tested by your equipment and get orthotics as well."
- Barb, Salt Lake City

"I've had an issue with my lower back for years and since wearing TOG orthotics, I am now pain free!"
- Michelle, Halifax

"(TOG Orthotics) have helped with my tension in my cervical spine, neck and eliminated tension headaches!"
- Michelle, Halifax

"I used to have a lot of heel pain, but since wearing TOG orthotics my heel pain is non-existent."
- Christina, Halifax

"I used to have constant heel pain due to 2 spurs on each foot, Achilles pain and low back pain. I no longer have any of those pains as long as I am consistent in wearing my orthotics."
- Carolyn, Alaska

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