JEBA™ Women's Diamond Knee-High Socks
Mild 15-20 mmHG, Moderate 20-30 mmHG
Jēba™ Diamond Knee-High Socks feature an elegant diamond texture pattern. These socks are designed to be worn with dress pants or skirts, so that you can experience the benefits of compression therapy without sacrificing style. - Non-binding top band keeps the garment comfortably in place. - Gradient compression from the ankle to the top of the garment. - Heel pocket with reinforced stitching. - Ultra-Fresh™ antimicrobial agent for odor control. - Roomy toe box with single flat seam to prevent friction. Compression (mmHg): 15-20/20-30

Stock Status

SizeColourSupportItem #
Large Black 15-20 J43451
Large Black 20-30 J43499
Medium Black 15-20 J43444
Medium Black 20-30 J43482
Small Black 15-20 J43437
Small Black 20-30 J43475
X-Large Black 15-20 J43468
X-Large Black 20-30 J43505