JEBA™ Royal Knee-High Socks
Mild 15-20 mmHG, Moderate 20-30 mmHG
Jēba™ Pattern Knee-High Socks are available in an assortment of colors and patterns, and are perfect for daily wear or travel. Experience the benefits of compression therapy without sacrificing style. - Non-binding top band keeps the garment comfortably in place. - Gradient compression from the ankle to the top of the garment. - Heel pocket with reinforced stitching. - Ultra-Fresh™ antimicrobial agent for odor control. - Roomy toe box with single flat seam to prevent friction. Compression (mmHg): 15-20/20-30

Stock Status

SizeColourSupportItem #
Large Blue/Black 15-20 J44274
Large Blue/Black 20-30 J44359
Medium Blue/Black 15-20 J44267
Medium Blue/Black 20-30 J44342
Small Blue/Black 15-20 J44250
Small Blue/Black 20-30 J44335
X-Large Blue/Black 15-20 J44281
X-Large Blue/Black 20-30 J44366